Functions of Production Management

Functions of Production Management (or Manager)

Functions of Production ManagementFunction of Production Management starts from collection of raw material till the product comes into a shape of final product. Production management refers to decision making regarding the production processes, so that the output is produced according to predetermined standards within the given time at minimum costs, for the required demand.

  1. Production Planning

    The first function of production management is to prepare a plan for production, to find out the hurdles which may come in its way and find solutions and use preventive measures for these hurdles, so that these may not occur in future.

  2. Routing

    Routing means determination of such a process of production by using this process the raw materials the raw material will convert into finished goods. Under routing, quantity of l production, tools, nature of production process, place of production, etc. are determined.

  3. Determination of Time

    Determination of time means to determine that when work of production should be started and when it will be completed, i.e., to determine the duration of production process and to also observe that the task should be completed in predetermined time duration.

  4. Production Control

    Production control means the appropriate supervision of activities related to the production. Through production management, the repetition of same task, delays, inappropriate working conditions, errors during production due to mishandling, etc. can be minimised and increase in cost and losses due to these, can be prevented. Production control is very important function of production management.

  5. Work Measurement

    Measurement of work which is related to production, is also a function of production management. With its help it is checked that whether any worker is not working below the average work level. For measuring work, the time taken by employees in their task, speed of work and the fatigue of employees etc. are calculated.

  6. Store Keeping

    Store keeping means, to safeguard the material in the store; which is purchased for production, until it is. used. It is the function of production management (manager) that he should keep safe the material, which is purchased for production.

  7. Method Analysis

    Different methods can be used to produce a product and all the methods are not equally lucrative, in BE comparison to others. Hence, to find out the best method, all methods are analysed. This is also an important work of production management.

  8. Control over Labour

    It is also an important function of production management. Manpower should be utilised in such a manner that its maximum and optimum use can be possible. From this point of view, for control over labour, production managers give much attention on recruitment of employees, selection, training, salary determination, incentives, labour welfare and social security, etc.

  9. Satisfaction to Consumers

    One of the most important function of Production Management is to provide optimum services and maximum satisfaction to the consumers. To fulfil this purpose, the production management all supplies the required amount of goods of reliable quality standards at the required time.

  10. Maximam Productivity

    The second aim of Production Management is the maximisation of output of the concern. To carry out this function, it established an effective combination of the various factors of production which assists in an increase in the profits of the firm.

  11. Check on the Availability of the Raw Materials

    One of the important functions of Production Management is to check the amount of raw materials used in production from time to time, to ensure steady flow of the process of production. The non-availability of raw materials should not hinder production; it should be reported well before time so that the process of production does not come to a halt.

  12. Best Utilisation of Resources

    Similar to the wants of an individual, the wants of a firm are also unlimited, whereas the resources are limited. Therefore, the Production Management aims at the optimum utilization of the available resources, which effects maximum output at minimum costs.

  13. Control on Quality of Goods

    Another important function of Production Management is to keep a vigil on the quality of goods produced. Along with the quality, the control of costs of the production of goods is also the function of Production Management.

  14. Plant Layout

    This refers to an important function. of Production Management. For the performance of this function, the macninery related to production is laid out or established in such a manner that it assists in saving time and helps in a steady flow of the process of production. Different machineries are placed in a planned manner, such that they are not too far from each other, which hamper the speed of production.

  15. Design of Product

    Production management also determines that which product should be manufactured, its colour, size, weight etc. are also determined by production management only. Thus, to determine the design of product is also the function of production management.

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