Rowan Premium Plan

Rowan Premium Plan Rowan Premium Plan was developed by James Rowan and is most popular in Britain today. It is an amended form of the Helsay Premium Plan. Under this wage payment system, the bonus or premium is calculated on the basis of the percentage of time saved, over the amount of time fixed. In […]

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Halsey Premium Plan

Halsey Premium Plan Halsey Premium Plan was developed by F. S. Halsay of Canada. Under this plan also the production output, time and wages are determined beforehand. The workers are given predetermined minimum wages whether they complete the amount of work in the given time or not. But those workers, who complete their work well

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Incentive Wage System

Meaning of Incentive Wage System The Incentive Wage System is a combination of work-based and time-based payment systems. Under this system, if a worker produces more than the predetermined output, he earns an extra bonus as an incentive for higher production. The work-based and time-based wage payment systems have their own drawbacks, e.g., the time-based

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Piece Wage System

Piece Wage System Piece Wage System follows the policy of wage payment on the basis of the work completed by each worker. In other words, each worker earns wages, in the ratio of work done by him. Time has no relevance to wages in this system. The wage rates are previously fixed according to the

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Time Wage System

Time Wage System Time-based wage payment system is the oldest method of the wage payment system. According to this method, wages are paid on the basis of time, or in other words, wage payment is not concerned with the amount of work done but with the completion of a fixed time period. Therefore, it is

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Wage Payment System

Meaning of Wage Payment System Wage can be defined as the payment made by the employer to the worker in return for his services. This payment can be made daily, weekly or monthly in any form. Definition According to Prof. Benham, A wage may be defined as a sum of money paid under contract by

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