Criticism Of Robbins Definition

Criticism Of Robbins Definition

Robbins definition could be criticized in a way that it does not practically applicable, it provide only a theoretical view.

  1. Unnecessary Enlargement of the Scope of Economics

    Robbins’s definition has unnecessarily widened the scope of economics. According to Robbins, any activity of choosing, whether it is economic or not, comes under the scope of economics. Example – If a student thinks of choosing between studies and cinema, this activity of decision making will also come under the scope of economics. But critics are of the opinion that uneconomic activities should not be included in economics.

  2. Neutrality of Ends

    In Robbins view, it is the duty of the economist to explore and explain and riot to support or criticize. Thus, economics is neutral between ends and the economist is not concerned with, what is right and what is wrong. But this view of Robbins is highly criticized.

  3. Based on Theoretical View

    In Robbins view, there is no place for humanity, and human welfare and his definition lacks practicality. Thus, we can only call it a theoretical view. Such economics which cannot be applied in practical life, it does not retain any utility.

  4. Applicable only on a Few Countries

    Robbins definition is applicable in only those countries where Barter Exchange System is prevalent. In a barter less economy, Robbins economics will prove a waste because in such an economy, no question arises of scarcity and decision related problems.

  5. Unrealistic Assumption

    Robbins believes that each individual does only that activities from which he derives maximum satisfaction. But in practical life, an individual does not always compare the satisfaction he derives from different activities but usually he acts without thinking so much. Thus, this assumption of Robbins is unrealistic.

  6. Fixed Economic Laws

    According to Robbins definition, economic laws are as certain fixed, stable and true as the rules of natural sciences. in this context we must not forget that human behavior keeps changing with time and economic laws are concerned with humans only. Thus, economics laws and principles do not remain so stable under variable conditions, as Robbins states.

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