Suggestions for Agricultural Labors in India

Problems of Agricultural Labor in India

The Indian agricultural labor spends his days in dirt and mud. He produces food grains for us but remains hungry himself. He feeds our cows but never gets anything but water. He fills our stores with food grains but begs his own ration for the entire year. He continuously chops wood and fills water for those who have become rich on behalf of his labor. His condition is heart-wrenching and Piteous.

Suggested Remedies of the Problems

  1. Distribution of Land

    Agricultural Labor in IndiaIt has always been the effort of the government that whatever additional land is available, be distributed among the landless. The government has also made efforts to distribute the barren land after making it usable or fertile for this agricultural labor. It is estimated that till now about more than 10 million agricultural laborers have been provided with land.

  2. Industrialization in Villages

    Village industrialization has been given specific importance during the planning period. The object of this program is to reduce the dependency on agriculture and revive the cottage and small industries in villages.

  3. To Spread Education

    To solve the various problems and difficulties, agricultural labor education should be encouraged so that they can restrict the exploitation of landowners, calculate their correct wages, and contribute to the revolutions undergoing in agriculture.

  4. Development of Cooperative labor

    To improve the conditions of agricultural labor the expansion of labor cooperative societies is being encouraged, but more development is necessary. In government tenders, labor Cooperative Societies are always given preference.

  5. Improvement in Working Conditions

    The working conditions of agricultural laborers should be improved. They should be provided rest and vacations.

  6. Regulation of Working Hours

    Similar, to the industrial laborers, the working hours of agricultural laborers should also be fixed. An additional wage payment system should be there for working for more than a fixed time.

  7. Elimination of slavery

    The Indian constitution has declared Agricultural slavery as a crime so that agricultural laborers are not exploited. Its strict compliance is necessary.

  8. Organizations of Agricultural Laborers

    Like the industrial laborers, organizations should also be established for agricultural laborers so that the laborers are able to safeguard their rights. Moreover, labor warfare centers should be established by these organizations at the block levels. At these centers, entertainment and general education facilities should be available for the laborer.

  9. Employment scheme

    This scheme was started in 1971 with a view to providing employment facilities to agricultural laborers. It has been implemented by the government in various forms.

  10. Shelter for Landless Laborers

    Science 1971, a scheme to provide shelter to landless laborers is going on. The total expenditure incurred on this program is met by the Central Government.

  11. Minimum Wage Act

    The Minimum Wage Act of 1984 has also been implemented for agricultural laborers. In the 14th summit of the Indian Labor Conference, it was decided that the state government can implement the minimum wage anytime. The minimum wages of agricultural labor in various states like โ€“ Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, etc. have already been fixed.

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