Industrial Development – Suggestions For Industrialization In India

Industrial Development In Developing Countries

In developed countries there are several favorable conditions for Industrial Development, but in poor and developing countries there are several problems in its development. Even after some significant developments in the field of Industrialization in India, the country is still agricultural country and 38% of the national income and 70% of the population depends on the land.

  1. Suppression of Industrial Disputes

    Industrial Development

    A child working in an auto-parts unit, making wheels for automobiles. Poor economic growth, along with staggering food prices and a slowdown in industrial production, leaves the RBI baffled, while civilians live hand-to-mouth and struggle to make ends meet.

    It is completely true that a satisfied labor is a valuable wealth of an organisation. A satisfactory and efficient system of arbitration of Industrial disputes is very necessary. Through the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 efforts are made to establish Industrial peace but it is insufficient. Efforts should be made to popularize the Group Discussion method. The policy of worker’s participation in management should be strictly followed. The reasons for the disputes should be analysed impartially and methods should be developed accordingly for their solution.

  2. Development of Research and Technology

    In developed countries, continuous research is done on industrial problems and production processes etc. New avenues of development are explored through research on scientific and technical subjects. has been started on this subject here also.

  3. Increase in Power Resources

    India has insufficient power resources. Thus, expansion of power resources and establishment of new units should be done. The government should pay attention to this side to encourage industrial development. Power cuts have to be done from time to time which adversely affects production. Thus, solution of this problem is necessary.

  4. Proper Use of Natural Resources

    India has sufficient natural resources but due to their improper use industrial development has not been done. Thus, for industrial development proper use of natural resources is necessary. Those areas should be explored where possibilities of industrial development are more.

  5. Establishment of Specialized Institutions

    Much importance has been paid to establishment of specialized organizations and institutions to provide steadiness to industrial development. Various institutions are established in several states for the development of special Industries, but various other organisations are required in relation to this.

  6. Efficient System of Industrial Management

    Educated and skilled managers are required to run the industrial organisations properly, who are able to understand the complicated problems of industrialization and solve them quickly.

  7. Encourage Capital Formation

    For industrial development funds are very necessary, though India completely lacks it. Thus, savings should be encouraged more for capital formation.

  8. Encouragement to Private Sector

    The government should provide more and more facilities to the private sector so that the entrepreneurs come forward to invest more and new industries can be established and old industries are modernized.

  9. Earnings in Foreign Exchange

    India lacks funds completely. Thus, to establish Industries in India, foreign investors should be attracted. For this, government should provide them better facilities. In this way, new industries would be established, unemployment would be eliminated and foreign exchange be earned.

  10. Rational Taxation Policy

    A proper taxation policy also has an important place in industrial development. Inappropriate taxation, causes problems for industrial organisations, in their development. It is necessary that the needed areas have a liberal taxation policy to motivate them.

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