Solutions to Low Agricultural Productivity in India

What is Agricultural Productivity?

Agricultural productivity (Low Agricultural Productivity In India) is measured as the ratio of agricultural outputs to agricultural inputs. While individual products are usually measured by weight, their varying densities make measuring overall agricultural output difficult.

Suggestions For the Problem of Low Productivity in India

While agricultural production is so low in India here are a few measures that could be taken to overcome this problem soon. The following are some suggestions to deal with the problem of low production in India.

  1. Expansion of Credit Facilities

    To increase agricultural productivity, it is essential that the credit facilities be appropriately expanded. This would help the farmers fulfill their short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial requirements easily. All efforts should be made to provide credit facilities to farmers quickly and economically.

  2. Education and Training of Farmer

    Through education and training, the farmers should be encouraged to improve their farming techniques, use scientific methods to increase productivity and enhance their skills. The proper education system would eliminate superstition, conservatism, and ignorance among farmers, and it would be easier to increase productivity through the development of these human qualities.

  3. Improvement of Irrigation Facilities

    The Narmada Main Canal is the largest irrigation-lined canal in the world, supplying water at a capacity of 1,133 cubic meters a second.

    Indian agriculture is called a gamble of rains. This condition should quickly end. A network of irrigation facilities should be spread. The small irrigation plans and the wells and tube-wells system should be expanded on a preference basis.

  4. Plant Protection Scheme

    Arrangements should be made to protect the plants from insects and diseases. More insecticides should be manufactured, and arrangements should be made to increase their use. The development of research work relating to diseases should be done to benefit from this research.

  5. Technical Suggestions

    To increase agricultural productivity, it is necessary to have a technical service system for scientific solutions to production problems. Agricultural productivity can be increased based on these technical suggestions.

  6. Expansion of Marketing Facilities

    Making the marketing system better and lawful to remove its defects would increase productivity. When the farmers would receive a fair price for their labor, then they will perform the production activity, more skillfully.

  7. Encouragement to Cooperative Farming

    To increase productivity and make the agricultural system progressive, cooperative farming should be rapidly expanded. Cooperative farming would help the farmer correct the present uneconomical methods of farming.

  8. Population control

    Necessary effort should be made in the direction of reducing the pressure of a high population on agricultural land.

  9. Health Improvement

    Effective efforts should be made in the improvement of the health of farmers. A system of proper and balanced diets and health facilities should be established. Only healthy farmers can attain the objective of increasing productivity. The lack of efficiency of unhealthy farmers resulting in low productivity can be removed only by improvement in health facilities.

  10. Scientific Methods of Cultivation

    Cultivation methods should be improved and should be scientifically carried out, crops should be properly distributed, and techniques based on agricultural research should be adopted. All the activities like plowing, sowing, irrigation, etc. should be properly carried out, then only production can be increased.

  11. Proper and Quick Implementation of Land Reforms

    Proper and quick implementation of land reforms should be done so that the farmers are encouraged to bring some basic improvements. Elimination of mediators and permanent ownership of land to farmers should be done immediately.

  12. Crop Insurance Scheme

    Implementation of a crop insurance scheme would help in increasing agricultural productivity. By this, the farmers would not worry about the uncertainty of production and their income would become stable, by which they would be able to complete the production activity more sincerely.

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