Suggestions To Solve Population Problem

Population Problem In India

Population Problem In India
Dr. Julian Huxley

Dr. Julian Huxley has written in his book

India’s condition in relation to population problem is very troublesome. If, India is unable to find a solution to the problem of population, a big political and soda distortion may arise. But, if, it succeeds it would not only get the lead in Asia but (due to wide market) become the center of attraction of the whole world.

The problem of population can be solved by the economic development of the country. To curb the increase in population following suggestions can be implemented.

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Proposed Solutions

  1. Strict Implementation of the Rules of Marriage

    Presently the marriageable age for boys is 21 years and that for girls is 18 years under the law. This should be strictly followed. The parents forbidding this rule must be punished suitably.

  2. Reduce the Birth Rate

    To control the birth rate, it is necessary to propagate birth control devices, educating the people, creating profitable job opportunities for them, and increasing the living standard of people by this.

  3. Propagating Women’s Education

    According to Dr. Alka Cohosh

    Women’s education is necessary in the direction of curbing the rapid increase in population.

    In- this context the knowledge of family planning should be included in the school syllabus for girls at the secondary level.

  4. Moral Restraint

    The educational organizations should compulsorily provide moral education. Birth rate reduces by moral restraint. Moral restraint includes late marriage, bachelorhood, and living in a restraint manner, etc.

  5. Tax Relief and Other Benefits

    To make family planning more popular some tax reliefs and other attractions should be given. Unmarried and childless people must be given tax reliefs.

  6. Mobile Hospitals

    The state government should arrange mobile hospitals, which should contain all the medicines relating to family planning and other devices and accessories for distribution.

  7. Discourage Large Families

    With the object to discourage large families, higher taxes should be imposed on them and tax rebates should be offered to small families.

  8. Elimination of Superstitions

    By making the village people more educated, efforts should be made to eliminate their superstitions. The family planning scheme should be approved by the village head or Sar-Panch because of his advice more and more people of the village would follow.

  9. Proper Advertising

    For this program, films, songs, speeches, discussions, and distribution of advertising material should be used and the Panchayats and social service organizations must be assisted in this work. People’s attitudes will have to be changed for the success of the family planning program.

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