Government Efforts to Eradicate Poverty in India

The Problem of Poverty in India

India is recognized as a poor country even after around 70 years of independence. Especially in the Rural Sector of India, the condition is worse. Though during the planning periods, the national income of India and the per capita income have increased, social welfare has increased, literacy level has risen, and people have been able to fulfil more of their requirements, but poverty (and especially Rural Poverty) is still present in its alarming form. Industrial Revolution is the main reason behind this inequality. We have also discussed various Reasons Why India Is Still a Poor Country.

Efforts Of Government to Eradicate Poverty in India

  1. Employment Opportunities

    For eliminating poverty, the government has made wide efforts to provide employment opportunities. At present, the policy of ‘Grain for Work’ has been applied, which is giving employment opportunities to millions of villagers.

  2. Development of Agriculture

    Agricultural Development should Eradicate Poverty
    Agricultural Development Should Eradicate Poverty

    The government has done commendable work in relating to the availability of irrigation, research, modern techniques, standard quality seeds, and fertilizers for the development of agriculture. For irrigation facilities, special river-valley projects are made.

  3. Fair Market Price and Transportation

    The farmers get a fair price for their produce, and many efforts have been made in this direction. The government has established appropriate market organizations and sources of transportation are developed for this purpose.

  4. Encouraging Industrial Development

    The government paid attention to industrial development. This is supposed to give much encouragement to economic development. Along with this, important steps are being taken for the development of cottage industries. Through this, about 6 crore people have been employed.

  5. Family Planning

    The government has encouraged programs for family planning to bring down the birth rate.

  6. Chak-Bandi

    The government has developed the “Chak Bandi” system to increase production. Under this several small fields are joined to make a big field. Moreover, cooperative farming is also being developed.

  7. Five Year Plans

    The government is making special efforts through the five-year plan to eradicate poverty. Under this program, more are being provided to the farmers.

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