Suggestions For Unemployment In India

Suggestions For Removing Unemployment In India

This article focus on “Suggestions For Removing Unemployment In India“, for reasons of Unemployment In India please refer here.

Possible Solutions To Unemployment In India

  1. Control on Population Growth

    Unemployment in India
    It is disturbing as well as distressing to find that the standard of living of man is still below the desired level and unemployment is on the increase.

    To control unemployment appropriate controls on population growth should be made, otherwise, on the basis of the present growth rate, India’s population would become more than 125 crores by the year 2015.

  2. Development of Non-agricultural Subsidiary Industries

    In India agriculture witnesses seasonal unemployment. Thus, in villages, the agriculture-related industries must be developed so that the farmer is able to earn something in free time. For this, the subsidiary activities of animal husbandry, poultry farming, gardening, milk business, etc. can be developed.

  3. Development of Small Industries

    Small and cottage industries must be established so that people get employment at low capital investment. For this, such small scale industries must be developed which are labor-intensive.

  4. Full Capacity Utilization

    Many industries in India are working at less than their full capacity. Such industries must be encouraged to utilize their full capacity, so that employment opportunities may be increased in such industries.

  5. Exploitation of Natural Resources

    The government should search for such natural resources by which new industries may be established. It is a known fact that natural resources are in abundance in India, that is why it was named the “Golden Bird”.

  6. Increase in Investment

    To increase the. employment opportunities, household savings must be encouraged, so that more capital formation may be done and investment increases. This would assist in the establishment of new industries and employment opportunities would increase.

  7. Demand and Supply of Labor

    The demand and supply of labor should be coordinated in various production areas. For this, the future demand and supply of labor should be estimated and arrangements for their training, etc. be made accordingly, so that the laborers in excess of the demand may find employment, elsewhere.

  8. Establishment of Power Houses in Villages

    About 80% of the population of the country lives in villages. To remove unemployment among the 80% population the “Bhagwati Committee” gave suggestions for the establishment of powerhouses in villages so that small industries may develop and no work stop in villages at night due to darkness.

  9. Suggestions of the Labor Commission

    The National Labor Commission gave the following suggestions for the solution of the problem of unemployment and underemployment

    • Predetermination of a national policy for employment
    • Formation of All India Manpower Services
    • Change in the education policy
    • Rapid industrial development
    • Survey the human resources of the country
    • Strengthen the job counseling services
    • Maintain at least one office at each community Development Division.
  10. Other Suggestions

    • Start the construction of roads
    • Provide facilities to construct rural houses
    • Expansion of small irrigation facilities
    • Agricultural service centers be established so that the technical people get employment also in villages.

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