Committee Organisation

Committee Organisation

Committee Organisation

Committee Organisation is a type of democratic organisation where all the decisions and work are carried out after mutual discussions and majority voting. In a similar manner, it has a Working Committee which is formed by the heads of different departments of the organisation, who put forward the problems of each department in the meetings. The head of this committee is usually the Chairman or the General Manager. In big organisations, sometimes various departments have separate committees on whose recommendations; the General Manager takes the ultimate decision. Decision-making in a committee is done on the basis of majority voting.

Merits of Committee Organisation

  1. The ultimate decision taken by a committee is more reliable because it involves group ability, intelligence and experience of personnel.
  2. It encourages the feeling of cooperation among various departments.
  3. Collective decision-making allows the collective welfare of all the departments of the organisation.
  4. The implementation of decisions is easier because all those employees who participate in decision-making take more interest in it.
  5. It saves the time of the manager because he can meet all the related personnel at a time and solve their problems or confusion after knowing their ideas and opinions. This helps him gain their support too.

Demerits of Committee Organisation

  1. Collective decision-making takes a lot of time.
  2. There remains a lack of secrecy in this form of organisation.
  3. Not any person can be held accountable for any mistake.
  4. The minority vote is always neglected though it may be profitable for the organisation.
  5. There is a lack of continuity because the committee meetings are held after a gap from time to time.

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