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Marshall Definition Criticism – Robbins Analysis

Criticism Of Marshall Definition

Dr. Marshall definition of Economics is a major improvement over the definition of Adam Smith and other ancient Economists. This definition was recognized between 1890 to 1932 and it seemed that the controversy relating to the definition of Economics had ended. But, a renowned Professor of ‘London School of Economics’, Prof. Leonel Robbins in his book ‘An Essay of the Nature and Significance of Social Science’ in 1932 criticized Marshall’s definition in loud words, which are as follows –Read More »Marshall Definition Criticism – Robbins Analysis

Suggestions To Solve Population Problem

Population Problem In India

Dr. Julian Huxley has written in his book

Dr. Julian Huxley

India’s condition in relation to population problem is very troublesome. If, India is unable to find a solution to the problem of population, a big political and soda distortion may arise. But, if, it succeeds it would not only get the lead in Asia but (due to wide market) become the center of attraction of the whole world.

The problem of population can be solved by the economic development of the country. To curb the increase in population following suggestions can be implemented.

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