Problems of Agricultural Marketing in India

Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural marketing refers to all those processes which relate to taking the agricultural product from the farmers to the consumers. Agricultural marketing includes gathering the agricultural produce, their standardization, and grading, their storage, sending them to the market through various middlemen, selling in the market and arranging the required finance, etc.


Even though India is an agricultural country, still its agricultural marketing has been defective. The Indian farmers are unable to get reasonable prices for the products even after their hard work and are fully exploited by the middlemen.Read More »Problems of Agricultural Marketing in India

Agricultural Labor Remedies for India

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Problems of Agricultural Labor in India

The Indian agricultural labor spends his days in dirt and mud. He produces food grains for us but remains hungry himself. He feeds our cows but never gets anything but water. He fills our stores with food grains but begs his own ration for the whole year. He continuously chops woods and fills water for those who have become rich on behalf of his labor. His condition is heart wrenching and Piteous.Read More »Agricultural Labor Remedies for India

Agricultural Labor Problems in India

Agricultural Labor

Agricultural labor is that person who works on another land, does not participate in farm management and its maintenance, and receives money or a portion of the harvest in consideration for his service. He neither has any rights regarding the land nor does he have to bear any risk regarding the farm. Briefly by agricultural labor, we mean’ such laborers who “earn their livelihood by working on agricultural farms.”


According to the Second Agricultural Labor Investigation society

Agricultural labor refers to that person who receives more than half of the income from agriculture. The agricultural labor family refers to that family, whose more than half of the income from agriculture.

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