April 2016

Industrial Policy Of 1991 – Industrial Development in India

Industrial Policy, 1991

Professor P. J. Kurien of Vennikulam, Kerala, is a political and social worker, teacher, and educationist. He is known for Industrial Policy, 1991.

In order to accelerate Industrial Development in India, and in accordance with the changing circumstances, various industrial policies were declared in the years 1948, 1956, 1977, 1980, and 1985, but in spite of all efforts, the pace and as well as the level of Industrial Development in India, could not be reached according to its need. Therefore, in order to lift unnecessary restrictions on Industries, under the licensing policy, and to increase their efficiency, development, and technological level, in order to make Indian goods usable in the competitive global market, on 24th July 1991, in Lok-Sabha the Minister of States for industries, Mr. P. J. Kurian declared the Industrial Policy, 1991.

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